Finding Farm Work in Australia (88 Days)

by Kate Moran

When we first arrived into Australia we knew finding Farm Work was our priority.

We wanted to get our 88 days of regional Farm Work out the way as soon as possible, so we knew we could enjoy up to two years in Australia without having to worry. 

We had applied to a few farm work jobs and contacting a couple of working hotels, but given the time of year and the season of harvest was in the new year, it wasn’t looking likely that we would find find farm work this close to Christmas.

The whole process was very frustrating, and I’m not sure we were prepared to not be working.

The family we had been living with have truly helped us out A LOT. J and T had been in contact with an old friend, D, and he currently works on a local potato farm. 

We met D and partner, A, when J and T renewed their vows. D put us in contact with the general manager of the farm, little did we know, soon we would be starting on a potato farm. 

Charles would be on the packing and stacking potato bags and I on the grading belt. We weren’t sure what this meant at the time we got a job, we just knew we had to be in the factory at 8am on Wednesday.

Now, lets go purchase a Hi-Vis!

Unsure what we were letting our selves into, we tried to do some research into what the job involved. But it seems anyone and everyone who has completed this kind of work didn’t want to talk about it every again. Great start.

Our uniform consisted of active wear, walking boots and a Hi-Vis vest. Sexy right.

After our first day, I wasn’t sure I was able to stick it out for the remaining 87 days. My back was so sore, and I spent the whole day kneeing on the floor, re opening bags of potatoes.

Read the follow up of our journey in the factory here

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Tony April 20, 2019 - 10:07 am

J and t wish you the best and safe travels

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