Flights! (Surely the most important ‘To Do’)

by Kate Moran

Typically flight prices to Australia from the UK completely depend on where you are flying to and from.

Charles and I were lucky (in a way), we had to simply pick the cheapest month and day to fly to get the best flight deals.

We wanted to stay in the UK for a friends wedding and special birthdays in November but we knew spending christmas in Australia would be so dreamy. So although we tried to be relaxed in searching for a month to fly November – December seemed to fit well with budget and our life in the UK.

A one way ticket to the other side of the world cost us a total of £440 each (and that wasn’t even the cheapest flight!), from London Heathrow to Adelaide, Australia on Tuesday 27th November.

Sta Travel offer great flights and a £50 deposit to secure your seat on that flight. I cannot stress how helpful this has been to us (and to our budget). Ok, so we did slightly end up paying about £40 each for this. We then had to save the remaining cost for the flight and pay ten weeks before take off.

Sta Travel also offers different tickets depending on age and whether your a student. We purchased a ‘Blue ticket’ giving us A LOT of discount compared to buying the ticket direct with the airline.

Have a look yourself:

If you haven’t been searching for cheap flights on, you’ve been missing out! We buy almost every flight using Skyscanner, they simply search most airlines and compare the price. The bonus to this site, you can can search anywhere and any month! (It’s definitely the reason, I love to find the cheapest flights)  (Don’t blame me, if you end up taking a mini break to Luxembourg for £12 return!)

Top tips: 

When first searching for flights we would suggest being as flexible as possible. As soon as your start to narrow down your search to a certain day or time, the chances are the flight price will increase with your restrictions.

Flying on a Tuesday and buying your flight ticket on a Tuesday is also meant to be the cheapest. (We are flying on a Tuesday, unintentionally!)

Another top tip: search in a private browser- this will stop those internet cookies from recording your searches. Airlines will target your top searches and will increase the price with the demand. Cheeky but it works for them.

There are so many flight comparison websites around, but do your research and remember to be as open and flexible as you can when finding the flight!

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