How to earn money online? Answer: Palfish

by Kate Moran

Charles & I have been doing a little bit of online work, and all thanks to advice from @watchaswewander and @sheisthelostgirl. So, let’s begin, how do you earn money online?

What is Palfish? 

Palfish is an online teaching platform for Chinese students to learn English from native English speakers. Each class is taught one on one, for 25 mins, via live video on their mobile app.

Download it here for Apple or Android.

Can anyone work for Palfish? 

Palfish requires all teachers to be native English speakers. You will also need to complete a TEFL or TESOL course. This is a certificate in ‘Teaching English as a Foreign/Second language’, you can do this course online and only costs about $20AUD. I know Groupon and other sites have amazing deals! So don’t be fooled into paying big bucks for one!

My TESOL course took around one week to complete. For some of my friends, it took only a few days from start to finish. It really depends on you and your available time. Take notes (or screenshot) as you go along and you’ll fly through it in no time!

TEFL/TESOL is internationally recognised. Holding this certificate can allow you to teach in international countries, such as Vietnam, Cambodia and even India. It’s a great skill to have, regardless if you use it for Palfish or not!

The TEFL/TESOL course consists of modules and topics from reading, writing, listening and speaker through to lesson planning, student teaching and reference materials for your own classroom. At the end of each module, you will be asked to complete and pass a multiple-choice exam, but you can move onto the next unit. The great thing about complete an online course, you are able to stop, pause and save as you choose.

How much money can I earn online?

As soon as you are an approved teacher, you can start to open your daily schedule, take lessons and earn money online. 

You are able to control how much you want to work and when. The Palfish support team will try to fill your open schedule with ‘trial’ students, but it’s up to you to try to convert the students to become ‘Official Kids Course’ students.

Trial students are children who are yet to pay for the ‘Official Kids Course’. It’s kind of like an induction for you and them, once they have completed a few trials with different teachers, they may buy the OKC. The teacher to teach them last will become their official regular teacher. This is great to do because you get guaranteed bookings as well as 40 points which convert to a higher pay!

The more you teach, the more you earn.

Palfish rewards teachers on a level based system and at the beginning of every month all teachers start back on level 1. Your goal if you want to get the most pay possible is to work your way up the levels.

One class is 4 points, to reach level 2, you need 300 points, level 3 is 700 and so forth. Each level increases in price you’re paid per class. Level 1: ¥55 Level 2: ¥60 Level 3: ¥65 Level 4 ¥70 Level 5: ¥75

There are several ways to increase your points. The main way is to just do as many trials and lessons as you can. But to also sell those trial classes!

Once you’ve done a few classes and get more confident with the lessons you will start to get a busier schedule and start increasing them points!

You also receive bonus points from Palfish, for example, not cancelling a class or not arriving late to a class etc.

I tend to reach level two by the end of week one (teaching full time), but this really does vary on how much you are able to teach.

At the end of the month, the level that you reached will be your award pay rate for the next coming month but the level will reset and so forth.

Trial rates are paid at 55 Chinese Yuan, this is about $12.30 Australian Dollars, (don’t forget that’s only for 25 mins too). So if you have back-to-back classes, you will be earning about $25 for 50 minutes, (depending on the exchange rate at the time).

You receive monthly payments, via direct bank transfer. You are able to keep track of your monthly wage in the app’s ‘wallet’.

What do I need?

Before you start applying to become a teacher, you need to make sure you have a good internet connection and/or data with a signal. The app is only compatible using a smartphone or a tablet, not a computer/laptop.

A quiet space, preferably a room where you can be alone and undisturbed.

A classroom background, this consists of the Palfish logo, your name ‘Teacher Kate’ is mine and some fun things. 

Props to help teach the students, I use a toy monkey and a little wooden family, but most teachers use flashcards or drawings. 

Top Tip: Get a small whiteboard, if you don’t have a prop for a class, you can try to draw or write words! 

How do I actually teach?

Palfish has already created nine different learning levels, for all children with different English language abilities. The level doesn’t reflect the age of the child, I have had a three year old read full sentences and tell me English jokes, in comparison to a 12 year old learning greetings on level three. 

In each level, there are ten units, and ten lessons in each unit.

All lessons have ‘Teacher Guidance’ notes at the bottom, which only you can see. If you are ever stuck or unsure of what to say and how to teach, you can read off the TG notes. Soon you’ll become familiar with all the trials and all lesson topics. You’ll get the hang of it pretty fast. 

All lessons have interactive games to play, songs and dances, to make it enjoyable for the students (and you). 

Yep, get singing. The songs are so catchy, it’s hard not to. 

How do I sign up?

I kindly ask you to use my referral code below. This will allow us to always be connected via the app, and we will able to communicate online. When you start there will be so many questions and having someone to ask will really help you out! 

I still ask my mentor questions, and I’ve been with Palfish since March 2020. 

Why should I be your mentor?

Well, palfish is now my full-time work. I quit my full-time job, to focus wholeheartedly on Palfish. I have time to write this blog and help other teachers, whether this is by guiding you through the TEFL/TESOL course, or showing you how to use the reading app to meet new children. 

What’s the application stage? 

As soon as you’ve completed the TEFL/TESOL course, save your certificate, and download the Palfish app.

Follow the steps to create a teacher profile and fill in all information required.

It’s at this stage, that I would REALLY appreciate using my referral code: 65792754

Once your profile has been verified by a member of the Palfish team, you will be asked to provide a live 15-minute video of you teaching a ‘child’. This is nothing to be scared of! Palfish like to call it an interview but, I haven’t yet met someone who has failed.

It’s a good chance for you to learn the trial and develop your teaching style. You will start to create little sayings and phrases that you will use in most lessons, I tend to say ‘Good Work, you’re doing so well!’ And ‘Right, let’s have some fun!’. 

Also, you develop a voice, kind of like the professional phone voice you use for a phone call, but this one is for children!

I have created a whole different blog about this interview stage, click here for more.

After you have passed the interview, I will receive a notification on my own profile, (if you’ve used the referral code) and we can have a little Palfish party together. 

Finally, you’ll be on your way to teach beautiful children, enjoy your job and earn good money online all from home.


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