Sand Dunes, Lancelin

by Kate Moran
The Sand Dunes, Lancelin

That’s it, we’ve left Perth, and on to the Sand Dunes, at Lancelin

We started to enjoy our time in Perth and began to treat it like home. Although we hadn’t found work, we managed to keep ourselves busy. There’s so much to see! 

Before we knew it, we were packing up the van and beginning to plan our road trip once again. We knew the direction of our trip, up and round, literally, but didn’t have any clue what to see or do on the way. 

Instagram really helps with finding beautiful spots. 

Sand dunes, Lancelin was our first stop, followed by The Pinnacles. See here for our Pinnacles blog. 

We hired sand boards at the dunes, we had an option of two: stand up ones with little foot holders or sit down ones, with a kinda grip seat and footrest. Charles, being Charles wanted to have stand up one, and I thought it would be best to share (budget-wise).

There are many places to hire the boards all throughout Lancelin, including at the dunes themselves. All boards seemed to cost $10 per two hours. (Two hours is plenty, you’ll be so tired to do any more) 

Sand Dunes, Lancelin
Sand Dunes, Lancelin

Once you arrive at the sand dunes, you’ll come across a bumpy carpark. Lots of 4×4’s continued to drive over the dunes but I really don’t think our van would have made it. 

We heard that the dunes can pick up some wind in the afternoon, however, when we arrived at 10 am, it was already pretty windy. 

First impressions were: 

Kate: I’ve only just washed my hair, and I’m going to have to wash my hair again to get this sand out. (p.s I wished I’d packed my hairbrush) 

Charles: It looks like Mars, but we can access this by camper van, not a rocket. 

It was a bit surreal and hard work. 

Walking up and down the dunes endlessly, was hard work. Especially as every step you take up the dune, your feet would sink knee-deep.

I’m not sure if we would become a champion in sandboarding, I, Kate, spent a lot of time face planting the sand to break my fall, (while Charles laughed).

I would recommend sharing a board, (unless you would like one each, of course). We took it in turns going up and down the hill, and sometimes we didn’t even use the board at all. 

All in all, its times like this we have to enjoy just being covered in sand, head to toe. (And live with sand in the van for the next 6 months of travel, right?!) 

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