Selling all of our belongings:

by Kate Moran
Selling all our belongings

I couldn’t wait to start selling all of our belongings:

There’s something satisfying about clearing out all the draws, cupboards and shelves and finding out all the stuff you can or can’t live without.

It’s amazing how much you can accumulate over the years from books to pillows and bath bombs to clothes hangers. The list is endless.

Charles and I started the clear up of selling our clothes on Ebay. I knew there was lots of items we didn’t need at home or Australia including Charles’ OLD SKOOL fake leather jacket.

Selling clothes on Ebay and other small objects was very staright forward, and although Ebay do take a small percentage of sales over a monthly period, having a few extra pounds does help to save!

I used the sales from eBay to pay for things like the food shop, it really helped!

Most of my Ebay listings starting at 99p, but many items increased to £20 plus. Our bedroom slowly started to look like a post office/thrift store. I had a corner on the landing full of brown packages, tape and brown paper. I spent a lot of those months in the Royal Mail.

Larger objects like sofas, mirrors and tables were all listed on Facebook’s Market Place and other online selling groups.

TV and other electrical items sold quite quickly, but mirrors and kitchen items didn’t. We relisted the items at a cheaper price and took better photos to help. Somethings like the slow cooker wouldn’t budge.

This resulted in a Car Boot sale.

This was the second car boot and it was quite successful (and we may have even enjoyed ourselves!). Any leftover objects we were yet to sell and that remained unsold from Facebook, ended up at the local car boot. We tried our best to earn as much money as we could.

After the car boot sale, we couldn’t continue to live with bin bags of junk so we drop the items off at charity shops and homeless shelters.

We were left with one suitcase and one large travel bag each.

This meant, we had sold probably 95% of our belongings, from a whole home to a couple of bags.  Daunting but so satisfying.

After this- we moved back into mums and sofa surfed for a couples of months before we landed in Australia

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