The Australian Bucket List

by Kate Moran
Little Blue Boat house, Fremantle

Charles and I have created The Australian Bucket List

We have already traveled a little bit before arriving in Australia, and have done a few things on the ‘typical bucket list’ (we are very lucky!) For example, we have skydived over The Palm, Dubai. Huge life highlight for us! But Australia has so much to offer, it was hard to select a Top Ten Australian Bucket List.

Number 1. Swim with Whale Sharks, (right? who doesn’t?!). Ningaloo and Coral Bay is the place to do this- we currently aren’t that far away.

We did this guys, back in June 2019! I actually think this was one of the best experiences in the world. It’s so hard to explain the feeling when you meet a 10-meter Whale Shark.

Charles swimming with a whale Shark
Charles with a Whale Shark

Number 2. Whale Watching (similar to 1, but Charles really wants to see a humpback)

(Still yet to tick this one off!)

Number 3. Take a selfie with the happiest animal in the world, Quokkas. 

Ok, it may not be a selfie, but our trip to Rottnest Island was a dream! Click here to see our full blog about how you can experience Rottnest Island too.

Kate with a Quokka

Number 4. Visit the Whitsunday Island’s and snorkel on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef 

The Whitsundays Islands are a must for anyone visiting Australia. Charles and I sailed around islands, with three of our best friends from home. Safe to say, this was on our the best times we have had in Australia.

Number 5. Party on the Gold Coast. Ever heard of “Schoolies?”

The Gold Coast is crazy, we spend a lot of money on drinks and food while we were staying in Surfers Paradise. Turns out, we were considered ‘Toolies”.

Number 6. Learn to surf (just Charles really- surprising I’m not that fond of the sea…)

We took a surf lesson back in Adelaide in February 2019, it was so much fun! Nor Charles or I managed to stand up or catch a wave but there’s still time to learn! We head to Bali soon, so plan to get another surf lesson in then.

Kate and Charles on their first surf board lesson
Matching yellow tops!

Number 7. Live and work in Melbourne. We hear amazing things about Melbs, food, art, and culture! Can we be there now?

Recently Charles and I, had our first tastes of Melbourne over Christmas and New year, as we were house-sitting for a family friend. We loved playing ‘House’ and we have started making plans to return there in March 2020 to live and work! Watch this space!

Number 8. Visit Uluru, the big red rock. Kinda looks like that famous scene from the Lion King?

Charles and I had hoped to visit Urulu, while in Adelaide but fortunately/unfortunately we sold our van sooner than we had planned!

Number 9. Drive the Great Ocean Road, this will be the last of our camper van trip (if the van makes it!) From Melbourne to Adelaide, all the backpackers talk about it!

The van did make it! The Great Ocean Road is great!

Number 10. Take a helicopter ride!

We flew in a helicopter on The Great Ocean Road, and I loved it! This was more my ‘to do’ then Charles’ but I’m pretty sure he loved it too. We would highly recommend beating the crowds and splurging out on this one!

Kate in her first Helicopter Ride

Let us know if you’ve been traveling, or ever visited Australia and what are we missing out on? We would love to read your comments below.

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