The Pinnacles, Namburg National Park

by Kate Moran
The Pinnacles

Second stop after the sand dunes, and really not far from one another. We managed to do this is one day, spending the afternoon and early evening at The Pinnacles. See our Sand Dunes blog here!

We were lucky enough to have great weather, and but it wasn’t clear enough to view the stars (and The Milky Way)! 

Surprisingly this is a major tourist spot, with a visitor center, gift shop, and toilets. Don’t be deceived by the photos you see online. 

The Pinnacles is a huge area! It’s very easy to escape the crowds, and not have a single soul in your pictures. 

There is a $13 fee per car, for entering the site. However, Charles and I had purchased a Western Australia National Park Pass for $49 for 4 weeks. This means you can access all the WA National Parks without having to pay the entrance fee. I would highly recommend this pass if you are doing a tour of WA. 

If you have a small car or small camper van, you can drive through the Pinnacles, on a pre-mapped driving route. However when we arrived the driving route was closed due to reconstruction, so we were directed into the car park to enjoy the walking trail. (We quite happy about it, it’s easier to explore and get lost!)

It was amazing, seeing these unusually tall and short sand-like mounds, and so many of them.

The Pinnacles 1
The Pinnacles

We learned (thanks to the visitor center!) that the Pinnacles was a large forest destroyed by a fire. The Pinnacles you see today, are the tree stumps mixed with minerals, sand, and dirt. Interesting right?

We stayed a little longer in the car park, we made some dinner (used the flushing toilets, a luxury when camping) before we headed off down the road to the only free camp.

Have you visited The Pinnacles before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! 

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