We need travel apps!

by Kate Moran

In the new world of social media and smart phones, we would be lost without our travel apps- literally. 

(Thank you Google Maps)

There are obviously some obvious apps that we use in our everyday life, like Google maps. Although E, did gift us with an in-depth Australian map before we left Adelaide – (Thank you!)

There are some apps, that we personally used quite a lot when we hit the road from Adelaide to Perth. 

WikiCamps a great app for finding camp sites and rest stops. They say 

“The ultimate camping and caravanning travel app for Australia. User generated database of camp sites, caravan parks, day stops, backpacker hostels and rest areas”. 


You can download the states of Australia offline too, so like us when traveling though the Nullarbor Plain (and you have NO signal) you can still view all prices, comments and camp sites in the area. 

The app also has a journey planner, we love this feature! You simple add the campsites in which you stayed in, and it maps the route you have taken. Eventually this will show whole route in which we have taken around Australia. 

Wiki Camps App

FuelMapAustralia helped us plan our journey and saved us so much money. We could decide in advance where to fill up both LPG and petrol tanks in the van, plus our additional 30 litres of jerry cans based on price. 

Fuel Map Australia a crowd-sourced database of petrol stations and fuel prices from all across Australia. The app relies on the users to update the prices and amenities of the petrol stations like showers, ATMs and toilets. 

Charles loves updating the fuel prices of every passing petrol station, he likes to think of it as a game… as explained here the Nullarbor Plain was boring. 

Just a disclaimer- I wasn’t paid by the two travel apps mentioned for this blog.

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